Ann Arbor, MI

City Population: 113,934 | City Area: 27.7 sq mi (71.7 km2) | Population Density: 4,219.8 | Elevation: 840 ft (256 m)
Dates Visited: 09.23.12 – 09.25.12 | Total Inter-City Miles Traveled: 1,669 miles | Total Hours Traveled: 34 hours

Inter-City Transportation: Megabus #7 | Origin: Cleveland, OH

Ann Arbor is best known as a big university town; home for over 40,000 University of Michigan students. But the city sees more potential in itself than that. Eager to claim titles in rankings such as “best walking city” and “best midwest food towns,” Ann Arbor is striving to rebrand itself as a destination city.

Ann Arbor is made up of rolling hills and valleys in a fertile agricultural region next to the Huron River. The city’s also earned the nickname “tree town” from the abundance of landscape and trees.

Even though it was cold and rainy the day I came in from Cleveland, the weather on the day after was beautiful, bright and sunny. Having heard about fairy doors from Ann Arbor on NPR earlier this summer, I walked a good bit around Ann Arbor tracking down these miniature installation art pieces. As it happens, hunting fairy doors also happened to be a good way to see the city since I covered a lot of ground during my search.

I like Ann Arbor. It’s small but there’s enough variety to keep things interesting. When I mentioned to people that Ann Arbor would be my next stop after Cleveland, it was often met with a lot of enthusiasm and recommendations.

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