Bicentennial Park

Designers: MSI Design (now MKSK) | City: Columbus, OH | Project Type: promenade, riverfront, bikeway, park system, fountains
Date Visited: 09.28.12

Location: 233 Civic Center Dr. Columbus, OH
Size: 4.66 acres
Official Opening Date: July 7, 2011

Welcome to the waterworks. Though Bicentennial Park could technically be covered under a post on the Scioto Mile, I decided to give it its own page on account of their stunning fountains.

Every day until October, the 15,000, square-foot Scioto Mile Fountain that forms the centerpiece of Bicentennial Park puts on a grand 6-minute show to music three times a day (noon, 6pm and 8pm)–complete with a 75-foot tall water plume. The engineering behind the 1,000 jets of water that line the fountain are amazing; they’re capable of responding to music and can take on a multitude of forms and shapes.

Overlooking the park at a strategic people-watching location is the Milestone 229 Park Restaurant, a beautiful, glass-paneled building designed by the local firm Design Collective Incorporated. A performance pavilion is located on the opposite end of the park.

It’s really a fun anchor to the Scioto Mile, and really brings out the inner child in people. While I was there, I saw an older woman come in, kick off her shoes, throw her arms up and run wild through the jet streams.

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