Fountain Place

Designers: Dan Urban Kiley, I.M. Pei, Peter Ker Walker | City: Dallas, TX | Project Type: plaza, fountains
Date Visited: 1.11.13

Location: 1445 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX
Size: 5.5-acre
Official Opening Date: 1986


At the base of Fountain Place, a 60-story prism-shaped skyscraper designed by I.M. Pei & Partners, lies a plaza that consists of what appears to be fields upon fields of water, fountains and waterfalls—a lively and noisy sight.

Completed in 1986 with the help of landscape architect Dan Kiley, Peter Ker Walker, and WET Design, the 5.5-acre terraced plaza features an abundance of moving water with 160 jet fountains and 263 bubble fountains. 440 bald cypress trees centered in circular granite planters are laid out on a fifteen-foot grid in pools of water, giving the impression of trees growing straight out of the water.

The plaza at Fountain Place is remarkable not only because of the amount of energy and sound the water produces at such a large scale, but also because of how the waters flows flush with the walkway, so that people appear to walk on water. A simple and geometric design with its grid of cypress and rows of fountains, the sheer scale of the plaza makes Fountain Plaza a memorable place.

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