Garden of Remembrance

Designers: Robert Murase | City: Seattle, WA | Project Type: memorial
Date Visited: 12.30.12

Locations: 200 University Street Seattle, WA
Size: 0.5-acre
Dedicated: 1998


Located across the street from the Seattle Art Museum, the Garden of Remembrance weaves itself into Seattle’s downtown urban fabric through a series of cascading water pools and rough, black granite.

Designed by Robert Murase, of Murase Associates Landscape Architects, the Garden of Remembrance is half-acre war memorial honoring Washington State residents who died for their country. Murase’s design influences were drawn from his Japanese design roots and his experience in an internment camp during WWII and Army service. Skillfully combining water and rock, the plaza and garden spaces of the memorial successfully evoke a peaceful, contemplative oasis despite the noise and bustle of downtown Seattle.

With water running throughout and uniting the L-shaped garden, the memorial is oriented such that the names of the 7,500 veterans etched into the long black granite walls face the western sun.

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