Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Designers: Philip Johnson (architect) | City: Houston, TX | Project Type: fountain
Date Visited: 1.24.13
Location: 2800 S. Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX
Size: 2.77 acre
Official Opening Date: 1985


One of Houston’s most visited urban parks, the 2.77-acre Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park inspires feelings of awe and peace with its loud and powerful 64-foot waterfalls. Designed by Pulitzer Prize winning architect Philip Johnson, this large semi-circular fountain is located south across a wide green lawn flanked by 186 live oaks and faces the Williams Tower, a 64-story reflective office building.

Previously known as the Williams Waterwall, the City of Houston renamed the site on December 17, 2009 to honor Gerald D. Hines for his impact and influence on Houston’s urban development. The Williams Tower, then known as the Transco Tower, was one of hundreds of buildings that he developed as founder and chairman of Hines, a real estate firm headquartered in Houston.

President of the Uptown Houston District John Breeding’s statement in a press release:

“Gerald Hines` passion for green spaces has forever changed the landscape of cities around the world. His vision has helped Uptown Houston be what it is today, a vibrant and bustling market where people can live, work and play. We are honoring Mr. Hines` dedication to catapulting the city of Houston in the international scene by naming this iconic fountain and park in his honor.”

11,000 gallons of water per minute cascades down the fountain’s inner and outer walls, coating visitors in a thick blanket of mist. Even though it was a cold winter’s day, many visitors still made the trip to look up in awe at the larger-than-life man-made waterfall.

3 Responses to “Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park”

  1. Sarah C says:

    This looks amazing! Would love to see this in person someday. :) Keep it comin Lucy!

  2. Ben Boyd says:

    Great post and glad to see you are making it around the country alright! Hope everything is going well. Keep the posts coming!

  3. Kameron says:

    Lucy, I hope while your in Texas you can get over to the Kimbell Museum and Phillip Johnson’s water gardens in Fort Worth

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