Glick Peace Walk

Designers: Rundell Ernstberger Associates, Circle Design Group, RLR Associates, Smock Fansler Corporation, Tarpenning LaFollette Company, GRT Glass Design |
City: Indianapolis, IN | Project Type: cultural center, cultural gardens, pedestrians, pedestrian pathway, trail
Date Visited: 10.03.12

Location: Meridian St and Walnut St Indianapolis, IN
Size: two-block corridor
Cost: $2 million
Official Opening Date: June 30, 2010

Part of a small, but beautiful and unique portion of the 8-mile Indianapolis Cultural Trail, is the Glick Peace Walk. The Walk, which is dedicated to twelve “individuals who achieved greatness through peaceful pursuits” features a distinctive, sculptural garden dedicated to each “luminary” individual.

The design was led by the mid-western firm Rundell Ernstberger Associates, known for its landscape architecture, urban design, and land planning services. This firm, as well as the many other artists and designer it collaborated with, sought to construct an inspirational and enlightening experience for visitors and to fulfill the mission of the local developer and philanthropist Gene Glick who, in a press release, said:

“With the Glick Peace Walk, we hope to honor ‘luminaries,’ people of peace whose creativity, perseverance and concern for others improved life for everyone who came after them.”

This downtown, pedestrian-friendly destination honors the following 12 individuals:

– Susan B. Anthony
– Andrew Carnegie
– Thomas Edison
– Albert Einstein
– Benjamin Franklin
– Abraham Lincoln*
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.*
– Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt
– Jonas Salk
– Mark Twain
– Booker T. Washington
– Wilbur and Orville Wright

*The Lincoln and King dedication gardens were completed in 2011.

Each luminary garden features a steel timeline embedded with LED lights that light up at key, watershed moments in the individual’s life.

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  1. I cannot find an on-line map naming and showing the locations of the Glick Peace Walk “luminaries.” In particular, I need to determine which luminary follows Andrew Carnegie and the Wright Brothers. Please help me. Thank you.

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