Grandview Park

Origin: Sand dunes | City: San Francisco, CA | Characteristics: sand dunes, views, summit, stairs, geology
Date Visited:

Location: Moraga St & 14th Ave San Francisco, CA 94122
Size: 1 acre
Height: 820 ft

The hike up to Grandview Park–also known as Turtle Hill to locals–is definitely a hike, but worth it, especially if you go by way of the 16th Ave Tiled Steps Neighborhood Project, a beautiful mosaic that runs up the risers of 163 steps.

Located in the Sunset District, this windswept hilltop park offers a 360 degree panoramic view of San Francisco. The landscape atop Grandview Park was formed from drifting sand dunes and has since become noted for its botanical and geological significance–the park is home to many rare and endangered native dune plants; you can also see the exposed Franciscan chert rock formations, which are estimated to be 140 million years old.

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