Green Roof: Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust

Designers: Belzberg Architects | City: Los Angeles, CA | Project Type: green roof, LEED, museum
Date Visited: 11.27.12

Locations: 100 S. The Grove Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90036
Size: 15,000 sq ft (green roof)
Cost: $15 million (building)
Official Opening Date: November 2010

Belzberg Architects‘ recent redesign of the Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust isn’t a particularly flashy building–especially for one that is the recipient of numerous design awards and certification as LEED Gold–but that’s kind of the point. Designed to blend in with and complement the surrounding landscape and neighborhood, Belzberg used a “layered strategy combining the urban and the metaphorical.”

Belzberg’s desire of structural layering thus gave way to the creation of the 15,000 square foot museum green roof. Visitors descend the zigzag path into the museum.

From the site description:

“Paramount to the design strategy is the integration of the building into the surrounding open, park landscape. The museum is submerged into the ground allowing the park’s landscape to continue over the roof of the structure. Existing park pathways are used as connective elements to integrate the pedestrian flow of the park with the new circulation for museum visitors.”

Since I visited near sunset, the grasses were bathed in a honey-golden light, drawing me into the zigzag pathways. I ended up admiring the museum grounds for so long that I had only a half-hour to explore the museum exhibits before closing. Although my time was brief, I highly recommend the museum.

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