Houston, TX

City Population: 2,099,451 | City Area: 627.8 sq mi (1,625.2 km2) | Population Density: 3,623/sq mi (1,505/km2) | Elevation: 43 ft (13 m)
Dates Visited: 1.21.13 – 1.24.13 | Total Inter-City Miles Traveled: 14,003 miles | Total Hours Traveled: 276.5 hours (11.5 days)

Inter-City Transportation: Megabus #14 | Origin: San Antonio, TX


Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. A huge and sprawling metropolis, its great span across the flat Texan plains can be attributed to the fact that it’s also the largest unzoned city in the country. Houston was the last of the four Texan cities I’d visit on my trip, and in the three days I’ve spent here, I’d like to say that I’ve been able to peel back the veneer of skyscrapers and superhighways and get a glimpse of the growing parts of arts and culture in the city.

Houston was founded in 1836 near the banks of the Buffalo Bayou and located within the gulf coastal plains biome, a land dominated by marshes, swamp and grasslands. Four major bayous pass through the city, the main waterway being the Buffalo Bayou which begins in Katy, Fort Bend County, Texas runs through downtown Houston and finally into Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico for a total approximate length of 53 miles.

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