Jamison Square

Designers: Peter Walker and Partners | City: Portland, OR | Project Type: fountain
Date Visited: 12.13.12

Locations: 810 NW 11th Ave
Size: 0.94 acre
Cost: $3.6 million
Official Opening Date: 2002


Designed by Peter Walker Partners Landscape Architecture, Jamison Square is best known for its interactive fountain simulating “the idea of an “aquifer,” as water pours out of the stone steps, filling up the gently sloping ground until the water is about 12 inches deep, at which point the water drains back out and the ground is dry.” Since this fountain–like all fountains in Portland–had been turned off for the season, the square has since been transformed into a shady plaza with a large Christmas tree anchoring the center focal point.

Located in the heart of downtown and surrounded by high density housing and major transit lines, this one-acre park is a hugely popular spot, particularly in the summertimes. Other than the fountain, Jamison Square also features a complex stepped stone wall which doubles as seating, as well as a boardwalk that wraps around the square and serves to recall the boardwalks of the historic waterfront.

Site Plan. Image Credit: PWP landscape architecture


Jamison Square in summertime. Credit: adriennegundeblog.com

In wintertime, other than potential events that may be staged in the park, Jamison Square seems to be a fairly quiet place. Though popular with dog walkers, without a functioning fountain, the square only seems to be an area to pass through, rather than to stay.

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