Master of the Nets Garden 网师园

City: Suzhou, CN | Project Type: garden
Date Visited: 2.25.13
Location: 带城桥路 Canglang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Size: 5,400 sq. m


The smallest of all classical residential gardens in Suzhou, the Master of the Nets Garden is also considered one of the city’s finest gardens.

The Master of the Nets Garden was built during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) as the garden of the government official Shi Zhengzhi. Previously named the Thousand Scroll Hall, the garden was renamed after it reconstruction during the reign of Emperor Qian Long.

Though this garden is but one-tenth of the size of the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Master of the Nets Garden is also divided into three sections like its larger counterpart and features an eastern section, or residential area; a central section, or main garden; and a western section, or the inner garden.

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