Pettygrove Park

Designers: Lawrence Halprin | City: Portland, OR | Project Type: fountain, public plaza, earthwork, sculpture
Date Visited: 12.12.12

Locations: SW 1st and SW Harrison St Portland, OR
Size: 0.80-acre
Completion Date: 1966


Situated three hundred feet north, Pettygrove Park is the much calmer counterpart to the crashing cascades of Lovejoy Fountain. To evoke a natural woodland setting, the park was designed with rolling grassy mounds topped with trees that rise upwards from flat concrete. Pathways punctuated with bench seating twist and meader between these hillocks.

Pettygrove Park was named after Francis W. Pettygrove, one of the co-founders of Portland along with Mr. Lovejoy. In a playful nod to the historic coin toss that determined the Portland’s name in 1845, the same coin–nicknamed the “Portland Penny”–was flipped to determine which park would be Lovejoy and which would be Pettygrove.

As with Source Fountain and Lovejoy Fountain Plaza, Pettygrove Park is connected to the parks of the Open Space Sequence by way of tree-lined pedestrian malls.

At the southeast is a low circular reflecting pool showcasing Manuel Izquierdo’s muntz bronze sculpture of a reclining woman, “The Dreamer.” Installed by the Portland Development Commission in 1979, Izquierdo said that his sculpture “speaks of hope, of beauty and serenity, of love, and for a better life in our midst.”

During my visit, there was a sign up explicating the restoration of Pettygrove Park, a partnership effort between the Halprin Landscape Conservancy and Portland Parks & Recreation. Working with local design firm Walker Macy, the restoration project aims to restore and raise awareness about the four components comprising Halprin’s Open Space Sequence. The immediate goal for now, however, is to “complete a Capital Campaign for the restoration of Pettygrove Park in time to finish the project by the Fall of 2013.”

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