Project for Public Spaces: 8th International Public Markets Conference

8th International Public Markets Conference | City: Cleveland, OH | Organizer: Project for Public Spaces
Dates Visited: 09.21.12 – 09.23.12

Attending the 8th International Public Markets Conference was the highlight of my trip to Cleveland, and it was through pure luck that I happened to be able to attend. I found out about the conference on the same day that I arrived–those I spoke to had assumed I had come in for the conference–and as soon as I heard about it, I was determined to see if I could attend. I did manage to secure a spot, and it was a wonderful experience.

Growing up, I was one of those children who actually believed food came from the supermarket, a giant sterile box where safe, real food came from. Fortunately, my attitude towards food has since changed over the years thanks to education and greater awareness. But the public markets conference has pushed the dialogue on food back to the forefront for me and the potential of public markets in revitalizing communities and creating global change has greatly inspired me.

Since I’ve written a post on my experience at the conference over on Landscape Forms’ blog inSite, I’m reserving Landscape Voice’s post for photographs for now.

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