San Francisco Botanical Garden

Designers: John McLaren | City: San Francisco, CA | Project Type: botanical garden
Date Visited: 11.05.12

Locations: John F Kennedy Dr & Transverse Dr San Francisco, CA 94121
Size: 55 acres
Official Opening Date: May 1940

One of the gems within Golden Gate Park, the serene and peaceful San Francisco Botanical Garden covers a 55-acre tract within the expansive park. Over 7,500 varieties of flora from across the globe are represented in the botanical garden, the collections of which are usually first broken down by climate followed by geographic area. For instance, the larger collection names include groupings such as Mediterranean and Montane tropic; more specialized collection names include gardens such as the California Natives and the Mesoamerican Cloud Forest.

Pathways wind their way throughout the botanical garden, seamlessly connecting various gardens of different climate and flora types.

My favorite area within the Botanical Gardens was the Redwood Grove, where some of the oldest Coast Redwoods in San Francisco grow.

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