San Francisco Parklets

Designers: various | City: San Francisco, CA | Project Type: temporary installations
Dates Visited: November

Locations: varied
Size: often two to three parking spaces

Parklets are sprouting from the concrete beds of former parking spaces. Taking cues from its more temporary predecessor, Park(ing) Day, these parklets are equally as creative in design and scope, often featuring recycled materials, moveable seating, and built-in biofiltration to purify city air and treat stormwater runoff.

These mini-parks that have the effect of widening out sidewalks have been aided by government programs such as the Department of Planning’s Pavement to Parks Project. There is even a database that you can use to look up parklets in San Francisco.

From their background description:

San Francisco’s streets and public rights-of-way make up 25% of the city’s land area, more space than all the park area combined. Many of our streets are excessively wide and contain large zones of underutilized space, especially at intersections. San Francisco’s “Pavement to Parks” program seeks to temporarily reclaim these unused swathes of land and quickly and inexpensively turn them into new public spaces.

Here are a few I stumbled upon in San Francisco:

1530 Haight Street | Hosted by Haight Street Market | Installed Sept 2012

Rapha Parklet | Designed by Rebar | Installed Nov 2012

3248 22nd Street | Designed by Rebar | Hosted by Revolution Cafe, Excape from NY Pizza, and Lolo | Installed April 2010

1300 Fulton St | Hosted by Cafe Abir | Installed June 2011

2410 California Street | Designed by Siol Design | Hosted by Siol Design, Zinc Details, and Pizzeria Delfina | Installed 2012

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