Simcoe WaveDeck

Designers: West8, DTAH | City: Toronto, ON | Project Type: revitalization, waterfront, habitat
Date Visited:
Location: West of Simcoe Street on the south side of Queens Quay
Size: 650 sq. m
Cost: 5.5 million CDN
Official Opening Date: June 12, 2009

Described by Waterfront Toronto as “the most dramatic of the wavedecks along Toronto’s downtown waterfront,” Simcoe Wavedeck is the city’s second wavedeck completed by the landscape architecture firm West8. Much more fun to climb on than its predecessor, the Spadina Wavedeck, the playful undulating curves of Simcoe inject fresh energy to the waterfront.

The design of Simcoe Wavedeck was inspired by the sinuous contours of Ontario’s shorelines and its dramatic curves make it a huge hit for kids who love climbing the crest of the timber waves and sliding down its steep slopes.

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