State College, PA

Home Rule Municipality Population: 42,034 | Home Rule Municipality Area: 4.5 sq mi (11.8 km2) | Population Density: 9,259 | Elevation: 1,154 ft (352 m)
Dates Visited: 09.08.12 – 09.10.12 | Total Inter-City Miles Traveled: 1,147 miles| Total Hours Traveled: 24.5 hours
Inter-City Transportation: NFTA Bus 40, Megabus #3, Megabus #4 | Origin: Niagara Falls, ON | Stopped-over Cities Buffalo, NY; Harrisburg, PA

Home to the expansive University Park campus of Pennsylvania State University, State College caters to nearly 45,000 students–the student numbers far exceed the year-round resident population–at the center of Pennsylvania. Surrounded by large expanses of farmland and lush green mountains, clean air and open land are among some of the school’s greatest draws.

Getting to State College was a strange and long public transit misadventure. From hanging around sketchy areas in the early AM to a serendipitous encounter with a Cuban, it’s been a sleepless 24-hours. I’m just thankful that I arrived at State College in one piece. And I feel lucky too. I couldn’t have picked a nicer day to visit–the weather is gorgeous and I’ve already fallen in love with what I’ve seen of the Penn State campus.

I really like State College. I know it has a rowdy reputation but since I’ve come on a game-free weekend, I’ve seen the more sober side of town. And I really like it. Everyone is really nice, the views are gorgeous, and the air is so crisp and clean. Since Penn State attracts such a large student body, the town is very diverse despite its rural settings.

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