Texas Eagle

Origin City: Chicago, IL | Destination City: Dallas, TX | Track Length: 1,000 mi | Duration of Trip: 21.75 hours
Dates Traveled: 1.09.12 – 1.10.12

Starting in Chicago, the Texas Eagle runs daily to its terminal station in San Antonio, and tri-weekly with a through car on the Sunset Limited to a terminal station in Los Angeles. I took it down from the Windy City for a long ride down the center of the States to reach Dallas, Texas.


Cutting through much of the midwestern plains into the heart of Texas, the Texas Eagle isn’t as scenic as the California Zephyr or Empire Builder, but given the opportunity it provides to visit Texas’ major cities via mass transit, the Texas Eagle makes for an important rail line.

Texas Eagle Route. Photo credit:blogspot.com

From the Amtrak description:

“Wind through the Land of Lincoln, across the Mississippi River, and through the Ozarks to Little Rock and the piney woods of East Texas. Onward to colorful, cosmopolitan Dallas, through Austin (home of the University of Texas), and finally to San Antonio, where the legend of the Alamo and the Riverwalk attract people from all over the world.”

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